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Saturday, February 22
T1 Creating Statistical Graphics with ODS in SAS® Software Sat, Feb 22, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Bayshore V

About the Instructor (302877)

Warren F. Kuhfeld is director of the SAS Advanced Regression Models R&D group. He earned his PhD in psychometrics from UNC Chapel Hill in 1985 and joined SAS in 1987. He has used SAS since 1979 and developed SAS procedures since 1984. Warren wrote the SAS/STAT documentation chapters “Using the Output Delivery System,” “Statistical Graphics Using ODS,” and “ODS Graphics Template Modification.” He also wrote the SAS Press book Statistical Graphics in SAS: An Introduction to the Graph Template Language and the Statistical Graphics Procedures. Warren currently develops 11 SAS/STAT procedures and more than 20 SAS macros for experimental design.