Online Program

Saturday, February 22
T1 Creating Statistical Graphics with ODS in SAS® Software Sat, Feb 22, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Bayshore V

Outline & Objectives (302876)

I. Introduction
a. The basics of ODS Graphics
i. Enable ODS Graphics
ii. Procedures that support ODS Graphics
b. One step beyond the basics
i. Destinations
ii. Optional graphs
iii. Change graph style
iv. Editable graphs
v. Commonly used options

2. Graph and Style Template Languages
a. Templates and item stores
i. Template source
ii. SAS libraries
iii. ODS path
iv. Clean up
b. Graph template modification
i. Titles, ticks, axis labels, grids
ii. Adding date and project information
iii. Axis labels
iv. Graph data object
v. Dynamic variables
vi. Survival plot
c. Style template modification

3. The SG procedures and the GTL
a. Graph Template Language (GTL)
b. PROC SGPLOT - scatter plot, fit plot, histogram and density plots, bar chart, box plot, text insets, unicode, series plot and drop lines
c. PROC SGSCATTER - scatter plot matrix, panel of scatter plots
d. PROC SGPANEL - Data panel
e. Residual Panel (with GTL)

4. Conclusions