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Saturday, February 22
PS3 Poster Session III & Continental Breakfast Sat, Feb 22, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Bayshore II-IV

Training Statistical Consultants Using Case-Based Examples (302835)

Kirsten Elise Eilertson, Penn State University 
Glenn Landis Johnson, Penn State University 
Rebecca Antle Lengerich, Penn State University 
Xiaoyue Maggie Niu, Penn State University 
*James Landis Rosenberger, Penn State University 

Keywords: Statistical consulting, collaboration, case-based examples, communication

This poster outlines the steps the Penn State Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is taking to facilitate higher-order learning among applied statistics students. Our goal is to demonstrate the ability to successfully engage in open-ended analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of content-specific knowledge within a real-world context as pre-professional statistical consultants. The SCC is an educational unit with a rich tradition of fostering research participation, collaboration between statisticians and investigators from other disciplines, and training future practicing statisticians. The SCC exposes students to real-world research scenarios with 50-60 client requests per semester that range from simple requests to long-term contracts with external organizations. As part of their capstone practicum experience, students engage in working with these clients. We are re-structuring how these consulting session records are stored and, with grant funding, combing through years of statistical consulting cases for the purpose of identifying illuminating cases that will enhance case-based learning in both the classroom and online environment. Examples will be included in this session.