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Saturday, February 22
PS3 Poster Session III & Continental Breakfast Sat, Feb 22, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Bayshore II-IV

JMP Start Biostatisticians’ Quality Check on Analytical Results (302822)

John Brejda, Celerion 
*Chun Feng, Celerion 
Xiaopeng Li, Celerion 
Nancy Wang, Celerion 

Keywords: SAS® JMP, quality check, statistical results

Quality checks are an important part of verifying statistical results in pharmaceutical studies. Double programming is considered a preferred method for verifying the statistical results. It is a reliable and thorough method to ensure the accuracy of the results. However, double programming takes longer than other methods to verify results and is not efficient in terms of use of personnel. Many features of SAS® JMP can be used to make the quality-checking process easier and faster. Performing quality checks using SAS® JMP would have the same effectiveness as double programming. SAS® JMP can visually display variable distributions, data tabulations, summary statistics, regression, analysis of variance, and diagnostic statistics quickly. Efficiency and accuracy can be gained by using SAS® JMP by biostatisticians for verification of statistical results. We recently started using SAS® JMP to assist with the verification of statistical results. The presentation will describe some of the features of SAS® JMP that can be used for quality check of statistical results in early-phase drug studies.