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Friday, February 21
PS2 Poster Session II & Refreshments Fri, Feb 21, 4:45 PM - 6:15 PM
Bayshore II-IV

Skills for a Career in Applied Statistics (302812)

*Nancy Wang, Celerion 

Keywords: skills, career, applied statistics

With the explosion of information, statistics is becoming more significant in providing solutions to problems in every field. A successful career in applied statistics requires both technical and non-technical skills. To perform the task, needed technical skills include knowledge of various statistical methodologies and associated assumptions, familiarity with different software and computing systems, programming, good understanding of the relevant problems in the field, and ability to sort through data. To be effective at the job, required non-technical skills include the ability to communicate clearly, solve problems, organize, multitask, pay attention to detail, and serve. For career advancement, people skills are essential. Leadership skills include the ability to motivate and discipline, build teams, coach and mentor, adapt and be flexible, and have a vision for a meaningful goal. The ultimate job satisfaction and success will only be attainable with passion and commitment to what you do and genuine caring for people you work with.