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Friday, February 21
CS09 Career Advancement Fri, Feb 21, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Bayshore V

Benefits of ASA Accreditation (302790)

*Mary Batcher, Ernst & Young 
Ed Mulrow, NORC 
Ryan Petska, Ernst & Young LLP 

The American Statistical Association (ASA) has offered professional accreditation for experienced statisticians since 2010. The ASA accreditation program benefited from the experiences of the accreditation programs offered by the Royal Statistical Society, Statistical Society of Australia, Inc., and Statistical Society of Canada. While, in general, accredited statisticians see the benefit of accreditation, many nonaccredited statisticians are not sure whether it is a useful credential and have questions about the application process. An overview of the program will describe the goals, requirements, application process, and tangible benefits. Of course, there are intangible benefits as well. Accredited statisticians will describe their experience in the application process and the tangible and intangible benefits they have experienced. There will be time for discussion and questions.