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Thursday, February 20
PS1 Poster Session I & Opening Mixer Thu, Feb 20, 5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
Bayshore II-IV

A Beginner’s Guide to Effective and Accurate Data Visualization (302779)

*Gina G. Mosier, University of Indianapolis-Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning 

Keywords: data visualization, infographics, communication

In recent years, infographics and the visualization of data have become ubiquitous, and statisticians have been faced with the question of how to effectively communicate results in a way that is both accurate and visually pleasing. But, how do you create data visualizations when you’re not a graphic designer and can’t afford one? Moreover, how do you accurately produce these visuals? This poster will highlight techniques to produce effective data visualizations using affordable software programs with no graphic design experience necessary. Examples from our own work are displayed. These visualizations are categorized into processes, descriptives, measures, relationships, and comparisons. Example statistical tests include independent two-sample t-tests, multiple linear and binary logistic regression, and correlations.