Online Program

Saturday, February 22
CS17 Communication Sat, Feb 22, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Bayshore V

Techniques for More Effective Presentations (302774)

*William Williams, Organizational Learning Consultant 

The point of presenting, simply put, is to cause a change in your audience. The change could be as simple as enabling them to know something they did not previously know. Or, you may have a more ambitious change in mind, such as influencing them to approve funding for your project or deciding in favor of your proposal. Regardless, if you are going to bring the desired change about, you will need to present something that engages your listeners and focuses their attention on key points. However, speakers often bypass the focus on their listeners in favor of the one element they feel they have the most control over: their content. The first risk in that approach is that what interests the speaker is not necessarily what interests the audience. The second risk is that, without considering the listener, the speaker may never focus the content on one or more compelling points. In this talk, you will learn to focus on your audience first and foremost, after which you will learn approaches for focusing your content on the most compelling points you need to make.