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Friday, February 21
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Advanced Placement Statistics Teaching Knowledge Assessment (302770)

*Brenna J. Haines, The George Washington University 

Keywords: Factor Analysis, Multiple Regression, Structural Equation Modeling

Increasing student enrollment in high-school--level Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics courses necessitates the need for teachers who are knowledgeable in the subject area. However, recent research in statistics education has not produced a benchmark that describes the amount or types of teaching knowledge required, or even desirable, of AP Statistics teachers. This study fills this gap by creating an Advanced Placement Statistics teaching knowledge (APSTK) assessment to explore relationships among individual scores and teacher characteristic variables. To this end, factor analysis, structural equation modeling, and multiple regression analysis techniques are used. A teacher may possess sufficient knowledge to teach mathematics, but be deficient in the subject-specific knowledge necessary to teach AP Statistics. This study addresses a neglected area of research by examining secondary-level, in-service statistics teaching knowledge.