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Friday, February 21
CS04 Structured Graphs and Visualization Tools Fri, Feb 21, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Bayshore VII

Structured Sets of Graphs (302768)

*Richard M. Heiberger, Temple University 

Keywords: graphics, visualization

Practical data analysis usually studies more than one response variable measured over categorized sets of cases. This talk presents many examples of structured sets of graphs in which the same or similar variables are plotted in panels conditioned on the values of descriptive factors (e.g., plots of weight by height for each sex by age combination of the respondents). Well-designed graphs support both statistical analysis and data presentation. Structured sets of graphs can be drawn with any modern statistical software system. The examples here will be built with R because that platform offers substantial capabilities for producing graphs customized to the particular needs and visions of the analyst. We emphasize two basic paradigms for constructing structured graphs: Cartesian products and the Trellis paradigm. Examples will be chosen from the pharmaceutical industry and social science.