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Friday, February 21
CS04 Structured Graphs and Visualization Tools Fri, Feb 21, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Bayshore VII

Data Visualization: What’s in the Data? (302758)

*Matt Slaughter, Nielson Audio 

Keywords: Data Visualization, trends, parameters

The need for operating at the highest efficiency levels requires the use of data or information in the most effective way. The use of data visualization tools allows our project managers and survey operations analysts to see patterns and identify trends not readily apparent in the data. This paper provides a description of methods and utilities advocating the increased use of visualization practices in the data analysis stage of a project. Often, visualizing and interacting with the data are not executed to their full potential due limitations of the tools available. Careful selection of off-the-shelf software for rapid visualization enables this work to occur earlier in the project and creates valuable insights to define the subsequent direction of the project. This presentation will demonstrate that the insights gained through visually interacting with the data far outweigh the time investment. Visualization will be used to gain a better understanding of current projects and the steps needed for completion. Further, these methods are most effective at conveying the message to non-technical audiences.