Online Program

Friday, February 21
CS08 Interactive Graphics Fri, Feb 21, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Bayshore VII

Creating Your First D3 Interactive Graph (302726)

*Jean V. Adams, US Geological Survey - Great Lakes Science Center 

Keywords: interactive, graph, visualization, D3

Visualizations are a powerful way to understand data. Introducing interactivity to a data display can greatly enhance that understanding. One way to create an interactive visualization is to use D3, which stands for data-driven documents. D3 is a freely available JavaScript library of visualization components that bring data to life in a web browser. You can write code to create entirely web-based visualizations (displaying data from the web on the web, with nothing on your local machine) or entirely local visualizations (displaying local data locally, with no need for Internet connectivity or data sharing). I will show you how to create an interactive graph in D3 using both approaches, web-based and local (on a PC). I also will point you to helpful resources on working with D3, including tutorials, references, examples, forums (Stack Overflow), and useful tools (jsFiddle).