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Friday, February 21
CS05 Collaboration Fri, Feb 21, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Bayshore V

Collaborative Grant Development: The Statistician’s Roles and Responsibilities (302707)

James Grady, UCONN Health Center 
*Jonathan D. Mahnken, The University of Kansas Medical Center 

Keywords: Collaborative research, Grant and contract development, Statistical communication, Study design

Taking the lead for writing a statistical analysis plan and sample size considerations for a collaborative research project is a major responsibility. Statisticians need to be able to “communicate with investigators” to understand the study's specific aims and outcomes, help assure the study design can answer the aims and hypotheses, produce valid estimates for sample size, and then provide a statistical analysis plan. All of this must be crafted into a product that can be understood by physician-scientists and other nonstatistical scientists who make up the review committee. This course will teach the “techniques and strategies” for working with investigators. Attendees will “enhance their value” to a collaborative research team.