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Friday, February 22
CS10 Theme 1: Communication, Impact and Career Development #4 Fri, Feb 22, 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM
Napoleon D3

The Face of the Statistical Consultant (302668)

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*Phil Scinto, The Lubrizol Corporation 

Keywords: Consulting

Although we all may be practicing statistical consultants, data analysts, and data scientists, we all have different backgrounds, strengths and skills. This is a GOOD thing because our diversity of strengths and skills helps us cover a wider range of technical, logical and business challenges for our organizations, our countries and our societies. We need diversity of thinking and skills, BUT we also need a core philosophy and strategy as consultants. We are not trying to make everyone the same, but such a core would improve our practice of data analysis, statistics and consulting in terms of effectiveness, timeliness and sustainability. By providing a core direction and utilizing tried and true techniques and ideas, statisticians would create a positive identity, reduce confusion with customers, reduce confusion among ourselves, avoid ethical dilemmas, and ultimately improve effectiveness, timeliness and sustainability.