Online Program

Thursday, February 21
SC6 Survey Sampling: Design, Weighting, and Analysis Thu, Feb 21, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Napoleon D3

Outline & Objectives (302641)

This short course provides an introductory exposure to producing estimates of population parameters from sample surveys. It will examine the uncertainty of estimates resulting from sampling, through presentation of how sampling errors of survey statistics vary as a function of sample design and weighting procedures.

The course discusses procedures for estimating descriptive statistics like means, percentages, quantiles and model parameters from sample surveys. It also examines statistical procedures used in comparing subgroups on attributes measured in the survey.

The course presents inferential issues that arise in moving from sample-based statistics to describing the target population of the survey. It also describes how to compute the sampling errors of survey estimates and how to make inferences from them to the population. It describes current practices in weight adjustments and in the presentation and description of estimates made from sample surveys.

Content: Sample Designs; Development, Interpretation and Use of Survey Weights; Inference from Sample Surveys