Online Program

Thursday, February 21
SC1 Management Fundamentals Thu, Feb 21, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Napoleon A2

Outline & Objectives (302631)

The purpose of this workshop is to orient you to your role as a manager of others and provide you with knowledge and skills for handling challenging situations you will encounter in that role. Upon completing the class, you should know how to: • Identify what your organization, manager, and direct reports expect of you as a manager and explore the challenges you might face in meeting those expectations

• Identify desirable managerial behaviors and use that knowledge to build effective work relationships

• Establish clear performance goals for yourself and others

• Identify and prepare to use the appropriate leadership style for different direct reports

• Provide useful, constructive feedback to your direct reports to reinforce expectations

The workshop will take you through several segments, starting with a look at the management role itself, then proceeding through how managers establish effective relationships, set expectations for others’ work, provide effective guidance, and give both constructive praise and constructive correction to keep people on track. Participants will learn new skills through a briskly-paced combination of discussions, lecturettes, videos and practice activities.