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Saturday, February 23
PS3 Poster Session 3 & Continental Breakfast Sat, Feb 23, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Napoleon Ballroom

Data Merge and Modification: Lessons Learned (302603)

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*Patricia Rodriguez de Gil, University of South Florida 

Keywords: data formats, data marts/warehouse, data integration, data quality

Data warehouses are primary entities that among other functions, collect data over time. These data make it possible for researchers to address many different questions that, for example, can inform policy decision. In order to conduct analyses whose inputs and outputs are valid and reliable, data need to be of high quality; that is, data that are consistent, complete, and accurate. However, data analysts might encounter major issues when working with data, such as storage, amount and type of data, and more importantly, having to deal with different data formats. Because data are only as valuable as its level of quality, careful statistical procedures need to be performed that will integrate the data so that the desired information is not lost or inaccurately represented. Using data from an education data warehouse in a southeastern state, this poster will present efficient and elegant ways to merge and modify data of different formats and lengths.