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Friday, February 22
CS10 Theme 1: Communication, Impact and Career Development #4 Fri, Feb 22, 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM
Napoleon D3

Gone in 60 Minutes: 5 Suggestions for Keeping Clients and Creating Partnerships (302576)

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*Todd Coffey, Seattle Genetics, Inc. 

Keywords: consulting, communication, persuasion, influence, success

You’ve convinced a colleague in your organization to discuss a high-profile project for which you know your statistical thinking can make a big impact. The colleague reluctantly agrees to meet with you and is skeptical that a statistician has anything to contribute. You recognize that your 60-minute meeting will make-or-break your future interaction with this colleague and the project. If you succeed, your ideas will make an important contribution to the organization and improve your reputation. If you fail, it’s doubtful your colleague will come back to you for help.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Will your colleague be “Gone in 60 Minutes” or will this be the beginning of a fruitful working relationship? This talk will draw upon personal experiences consulting with a variety of customers to suggest five keys for developing a lasting partnership with your colleague. We'll discuss the importance of 1) defining the question, 2) driving their agenda (ethically), 3) speaking to their understanding, 4) sealing the deal, and 5) going the distance.