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Turning Customer Satisfaction Survey Statistics into Decisions (302568)

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*Michael Latta, YTMBA Research-Coastal Carolina University 

Keywords: Customer, Satisfaction, Statistics, Perceptual, Map

The National Golf Foundation has provided reports on the golf industry in the US for 25 years. A recent report of ‘same-course’ statistics for 2008 and 2010 show a national revenue decline of -5.9% per course reflecting the effects of the recession. Golf clubs generate 54.4% of their revenues from greens and cart fees so attracting new golfers is crucial for profitability. Customer Satisfaction is the most popular topic in business surveys aimed at improving profitability. To have decision value, statistics from such surveys are needed for both SATISFACTION with and IMPORTANCE of Product or Service attributes. These statistics can then be displayed in a Perceptual Map using BrandMap 7.0 to identify decisions to be made for increasing profits. Results from an online survey of 98 PGA Pros managing courses in the Carolinas is presented as an example of turning satisfaction and importance statistics into a Perceptual Map for decision making. The resulting Perceptual Map identified three golfer segments out of ten that PGA Pros can focus on to increase profitability by better allocating resources to the golfer segments Adult Golfers, Married With Children Golfers, and Empty Nester Golfers.