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Saturday, February 23
CS15 Theme 4: Software and Graphics #3 Sat, Feb 23, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Napoleon D1&2

Creating Data Visualizations with SAS® and the Processing Graphics Language (302433)

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*Patrick Hall, SAS Institute 
Ryan Snyder, IBM 

Keywords: SAS, Processing, Graphics, Visualization

Processing is an easily accessible, open-source graphics programming language based on Java. It allows users to write fully customizable visual applications and Web applets. Processing is also used to create many types of data visualizations, from simple charts to interactive info-graphics. SAS® is a well-known language and comprehensive suite of tools used to manipulate and analyze data. Recent versions of SAS allow users to interact programmatically with Java through the Base SAS Java Object. This connection between the two technologies is used to combine SAS’ data manipulation efficiency with Processing’s graphical flexibility. This presentation demonstrates designing and creating custom data visualizations using SAS and Processing. We will load and transform data with SAS, and then generate visual features based on loaded sample data with Processing. We will then discuss several additional features of Processing, especially user interaction. A basic understanding of programming is helpful, especially Java or Object Oriented (OO) programming. Additional online reference material and sample visualizations are provided.