Online Program

Saturday, February 23
T4 Influencing Friends, Foes, and Your Career Sat, Feb 23, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Napoleon D3

Outline & Objectives

Outline: 1. Introduction – today’s industry realities 2. Influence a. The influence grid b. Default influence definition c. Influence is a function of… d. Principles for internal consultants e. Workplace contributor skills 3. Workshop 4. Developing a business case a. Improved profitability b. Better asset utilization c. Intangible benefits d. Project Benefit Analysis – how to measure 5. Workshop 6. Lessons learned a. Change matters b. Have a bias for action c. Deliver d. Entropy is real 7. Workshop and close

Scope: The target audience is statisticians working in the private sector. The tutorial will also benefit those in academia and government.

Objectives: Provide an atypical framework for considering a statistician’s role within a business. Arm participants with skills that will help them make significant business contributions, advance their careers, and improve job satisfaction.