Online Program

Thursday, February 21
SC7 A Crash R Course on Statistical Graphics Thu, Feb 21, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Napoleon A3

Relevance to Conference Goals

Brief Discussion of How the Course Meets the Goals of the Conference:

The course "A Crash R Course on Statistical Graphics" aligns closely with one of the conference topics – visualization - and is focused on teaching participants statistical programming techniques using the statistical software package R. The course will immediately help the participants to create publication-quality graphics for inclusion in reports and publications they produce as part of their work or research. As such, the course will have a positive impact on the participants’ ability to communicate visual statistical information in a compelling and informative manner. It will also help the participants get engaged with R for the purpose of conducting exploratory statistical analyses and thereby provide the participants with a springboard for using R to conduct more performant statistical analyses further down the road.