TL41: Cognitive Function Assessment: Challenges in analysis and interpretation of outcomes
*Kim Cooper, Janssen, R&D  Rama Melkote, Janssen, R&D 

Keywords: cognitive function

There is increasing interest in characterizing cognitive function and determining the effects of treatment on cognition. Whether detecting the effects of treatment on disease areas to slow cognitive decline (efficacy), or evaluating the effects of a treatment taken for other uses on cognition (safety), there are several methodologies available. There are also various aspects of cognition, such as memory, attention, and function to consider. The discussion will include examples of real world experiences with these assessment tools and methodologies and challenges in interpretation of outcomes.

1. What assessment tools have you used to evaluate cognition? 2. How is cognitive decline defined with meaningful clinical relevance? 3. What kind of statistical analysis best captures cognitive performance? 4. Is there a minimum timeframe needed to evaluate treatment effects? 5. Is there a preferred way of graphical representation of cognitive data?