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592 Wed, 8/1/2018, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-East 9
New Developments in Experiment Design and Statistical Modeling — Contributed Papers
International Chinese Statistical Association, Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences
Chair(s): Kin Yau Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2:05 PM T-Optimal Design for Multivariate Polynomial Regression Using Semidefinite Programming
Yuguang Yue, The University of Texas At Austin; Weng Kee Wong, UCLA; Lieven Vandenberghe, University of California, Los Angeles
2:20 PM Direct Estimation of Differential Networks Under High-Dimensional Nonparanormal Graphical Models

Qingyang Zhang, University of Arkansas
2:35 PM On Mean Corrected Generalized Estimating Equations

Ye Shen, University of Georiga; Chao Li, University of Georgia
2:50 PM Solar Panel Lamination with Extreme Value Regression Model

Chih-Chun Tsai, Tamkang University
3:05 PM Optimal Doubling Burn-In Policy Based on Tweedie Processes with Applications to Degradation Data

Chien-Yu Peng, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica
3:20 PM An Additive-Multiplicative Mean Model for Panel Count Data with Dependent Observation and Dropout Processes

Yang Li, UNC-Charlotte; Guanglei Yu, Eli Lilly and Company; Liang Zhu, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; Hui Zhao, Central China Normal University; (Tony) Jianguo Sun, University of Missouri; Leslie Robison, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
3:35 PM Methods for Multivariate Recurrent Event Data with Measurement Error and Informative Censoring

Yu-Jen Cheng, National Tsing Hua University; Ching-Yun Wang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Hsiang Yu, National Tsing Hua University