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Sessions Were Renumbered as of May 19.

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306 Tue, 8/2/2016, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-W181a
SPEED: Advances in Biopharmaceutical Research — Contributed Speed
Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Madan Gopal Kundu, Novartis Oncology
The Poster portions will take place during Session 213211 and Session 213212
8:35 AM Generalizing Results from Randomized Trials to Target Population via Weighting Methods Using Propensity Score Ziyue Chen, The Ohio State University ; Eloise Kaizar, The Ohio State University
8:40 AM Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Therapy for Ischemic Stroke: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Control Animal Trials Qing Wu, Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine ; Yuexiang Wang, Mayo Clinic ; Bart Demaerschalk, Mayo Clinic ; Saruna Ghimire, Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine ; Kay Wellik, Mayo Clinic ; Wenchun Qu, Mayo Clinic
8:50 AM Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials with Two Layers of Clustering: Designs and Comparisons of Power Ranran Dong, The Ohio State University ; Abigail Shoben, The Ohio State University
8:55 AM On the Use of Nonparametric Tests for Comparing Immunological Reverse Cumulative Distribution Curves (RCDCs) Lihan Yan, FDA ; Bob Small, Sanofi Pasteur ; Ayca Ozol-Godfrey, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
9:05 AM Impact of Mis-Specified Prior on the Bayesian Dose-Finding Method in Phase I Cancer Trials Lixia Pei, Janssen R&D ; Kevin Liu, Janssen R&D ; Hong Tian, Janssen R&D
9:10 AM Covariate Adjustment for Logistic Regression Analysis of Binary Clinical Trial Data Honghua Jiang ; Pandurang Kulkarni, Eli Lilly and Company ; Craig Mallinckrodt, Eli Lilly and Company ; Linda Shurzinske, Eli Lilly and Company ; Geert Molenberghs, Universiteit Hasselt ; Ilya Lipkovich, Quintiles
9:15 AM Improving Vaccine Inventory Utilization Using R-Based Statistical Heuristic Algorithm Hesham Fahmy, Merck
9:20 AM Value-Driven Decision Making at Late Stage of Drug Development: Statistical Simulation Approach Masanori Ito, Astellas Pharma ; Hideki Hirooka, Astellas Pharma
9:30 AM D-Optimal Designs for Multinomial Logistic Models Xianwei Bu, UIC ; Jie Yang, University of Illinois at Chicago
9:35 AM Finding Minimum Effective Dose With Multiple Testing Procedures Lucy Kerns, Youngstown State University ; Flora Opoku Asantewaa, Youngstown State University
9:45 AM Comparisons of Statistical Approaches and Procedures in Building Predicting Models to Drug Response from SNPs Through Simulation Wencan Zhang, Takeda Development Center ; Pingye Zhang, University of Southern California ; Feng Gao, Takeda
9:50 AM Finding the 'Missing Heritability' in Combined Phase 2 and Subset Phase 3 Analyses Knut Wittkowski, Rockefeller University ; Benedetta Bigio, Rockefeller University
9:55 AM The Analysis of Impact of Difference in Duration of Treatment Jiejun Du, Merck
10:05 AM Multiple Testing Procedures Under Group Sequential Design Aiying Chen, Temple University
10:10 AM Use of the Treatment-Free Interval in Driving Decision Making in Cancer Care: A Late-Phase Example Suddhasatta Acharyya, Novartis ; Ashok Panneerselvam, Novartis Oncology ; Sofia Paul, Novartis
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