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421 Tue, 8/6/2013, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-220bc
Topic-Contributed Poster Presentations: SPA Competition — Topic Contributed Poster Presentations
Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee
Organizer(s): Susmita Datta, University of Louisville, Daniel F. McCaffrey, ETS
Chair(s): Susmita Datta, University of Louisville, Daniel F. McCaffrey, ETS
1: Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Control in Hypertensive Hypercholesterolemic Patients Jiexiang Li, College of Charleston ; Brent Egan, MUSC
2: Skewness of Maximum Likelihood Estimators in Beta Regression Model Tiago Magalhaes, University of Sao Paulo ; Denise Botter, University of Sao Paulo ; Monica Sandoval, University of Sao Paulo
3: Promotion Time Cure Rate Model with Bivariate Random Effects Diego Gallardo, University of Sao Paulo ; Heleno Bolfarine, University of Sao Paulo ; Antonio Carlos Pedroso-de-Lima, University of Sao Paulo
4: Comparative Effectiveness Research Using Meta-Analysis to Evaluate and Summarize Diagnostic Accuracy Kelly Zou, Pfizer Inc ; Ching-Ray Yu, Pfizer Inc ; Ye Tan, Pfizer Inc ; Martin O. Carlsson, Pfizer Inc
5: Statistics Aids in Development of Personalized Modules to Improve Medication Adherence Yan Wang, Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA ; Asya Spears, Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA ; Honghu Liu, School of Dentistry, UCLA
6: Evaluation of Approaches to Analyzing Clustered Data When the Number of Clusters and Cluster Size Are Small: A Simulation Study Jiayan Huang, University of Pennsylvania ; Gui-shuang Ying, University of Pennsylvania
7: Estimating Nonhomogeneous Intensity Matrices in Continuous Time Multi-State Markov Models Gerald Lebovic, St. Michael's Hospital ; George Tomlinson, University Health Network ; Patrick Brown, University of Toronto ; James Stafford, University of Toronto
8: MCMC Clustering and Its Convergence Issues Namdar Homayounfar ; Masoud Asgharian, McGill University ; Vahid Partovi Nia, École Polytechnique Montréal
9: Meta-Analysis Data Extraction Shemra Rizzo, UCLA Biostatistics department ; Robert E Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles ; Raj R. Makkar, Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute
10: Implications of Coarse Data Allocation Methods for Flood Mitigation Analysis James Howard, UMBC / Kore Federal
11: Inference of Bioequivalence for Log-Normal Distributed Data with Unspecified Variances Siyan Xu, Boston University ; Steven Hua, Pfizer Research ; Ronald Menton, Pfizer Inc. ; Kerry Barker, Pfizer Inc. ; Sandeep Menon, Pfizer Inc. ; Ralph D'Agostino, Sr., Boston University ; Mo Pei, Boston University
12: Approximate Test for Comparing Parameters of Several Inverse Hypergeometric Distributions Lei Zhang, Mississippi State Department of Health ; Hongmei Han, Pennington Biomedical Research Center ; William Johnson, Pennington Biomedical Research Center
13: Identifying and Estimating a Non-Constant Hazard Ratio with Time-Varying Covariates Using Cox Regression Models Miranda Kroehl, Colorado School of Public Health ; Brittni Frederiksen, Colorado School of Public Health ; Jill Norris, Colorado School of Public Health ; Anna Baron, Univ of Colorado Denver
14: Quality-Adjusted Survival Analysis Under Therapeutic Setting Suddhasatta Acharyya, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation ; Ren He, UCLA
15: Implications of Diabetes on Dental Costs in an Insured Population Monica Chaudhari, Axio Research ; William E. Barlow, Cancer Research and Biostatistics ; Robert J. Reid, Group Health Research Institute ; Ronald Inge, Washington Dental Service
16: How Biomarker Collection Date Influence Death Rates Ngoc Ho

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