Related Resources

There are many Web resources that explain issues about Internet security, many (but not all) involving mathematics. Particularly useful are:

Mathworld (Enter the keyword “cryptography” in the search window on the site to reach a long list of good resource pages.)

The various entries in Wikipedia. Again, you then need to search on various key words. for example, the keyword “RSA” bring up an excellent summary of the RSA algorithm.

The Internet security pros look regularly on Bruce Schneier’s homepage at Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author as well as the founder and CTO of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc., the world's leading protector of networked information. Follow the various links on his page. In particular, his weblog makes fascinating reading. Much of it has little to do with mathematics per se, but it provides an excellent view into the world of Internet security.

Another resource for the pros is the RSA’s own online newsletter CryptoBites, which you can acess at

Casting the net even wider than Schneier and RSA, SRI’s Peter Neumann writes a highly informative column on risks in computer systems in general, in the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM), titled Inside Risks, which can be accessed online at

In a similar vein, see also Neumann’s online posting page for current postings about computer risks and snafus.

At a more advanced level, Dan Boneh, whose AMS Notices article is reproduced in this resources Website, has an extensive list of research publications on Internet security at

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