Statistics in the Community


The following materials will be useful to any group interested in creating a Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) program. They are freely available upon request. Please contact

We encourage others developing similar programs to use our materials, but we ask that you acknowledge “Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) at Purdue University” as the source. We welcome any feedback you may have on the usefulness of these materials and how they could be improved further.


Procedures Handbook

A guideline of how STATCOM is organized and run, with detailed information about client interactions, organizational structure (including description and responsibilities of positions), legal issues, and documentation.

Guide for Conducting Surveys

Provides an introduction to general procedures used when conducting surveys

Confidentiality Form

STATCOM maintains client confidentiality unless verbal permission is given by the client to discuss the project outside of STATCOM.  Every STATCOM member must sign this form.

Template for Initial Meeting Handout

STATCOM gives this document to each client during the initial meeting.  It includes a brief introduction to STATCOM, the services available to the client, mention of client confidentiality, and contact information.

Client Brochure

What STATCOM provides for potential clients.