ASA Data Visualization Poster Competition
for Grades K–12

Entry Form

The deadline for submitting posters is April 1.

Before filling out this form, please read the entire instructions for the Competition at

For teams with members from different grade levels, the highest grade determines the entry category.

Grade category      K - 3    4 - 6    7 - 9    10 - 12
Title of Poster         
Briefly provide the "Back of Poster" Information in the text box below. Information includes: example of the original data and brief descriptions of the method of collection and purpose of the experiment. Cite references for published data. See entire instructions at link given above. Do not copy and paste your actual data.    
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work was done outside of school or if your school is fully virtual)     
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Click on the Preview button below to verify the information you entered before submitting your information. You will upload the photo of your poster or PDF digital poster file after previewing your entry information. Please ensure the image is high enough quality that it can be zoomed in on and all text and graphics can be read. Please do not mail a physical poster.