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Leadership Institute Steering Committee


To oversee the institute programming, approve new endeavors, cultivate external collaborations, and to advise the Board about strategic opportunities in professional development.

Composition:The Leadership Institute Steering Committee will consist of at least 6 members and not more than 10 members. Each sector - academe, business-industry, and government will be represented on the committee and at least one member of the committee will be a current or past ASA Board member. Appointments are for three year terms and made according to the ASA’s usual appointment processes.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact Lisa M. LaVange, PhD


The Leadership Institute Steering Committee has 6 member(s), and 1 liaison(s).

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LaVange, Lisa M.
Department of Biostatistics, UNC-CH
123 West Franklin St.
Suite 450
Chapel Hill, NC   27514
United States
Phone: (919) 962-2190
Chair (2019 - 2021)
Groshen, Erica Lynn
Cornell--ILR School
16 Avalon Road
Great Neck, NY   11021
Member (2019 - 2020)
Hughes Hallett, Deborah
Member (2019 - 2019)
Rappa, Michael
Institute for Advanced Analytics
North Carolina State University
901 Main Campus Drive, Suite 230
Raleigh, NC   27606
United States
Phone: (919) 513-0480
Member (2019 - 2021)
Rodriguez, Robert N.
219 Tomahawk Trail
Hendersonville, NC   28739
United States
Member (2019 - 2019)
Shah, Aarti S.
Eli Lilly & Co.
Lilly Corporate Center
Indianapolis, IN   46285
United States
Phone: (317) 433-9814
Member (2019 - 2020)

LaLonde, Donna
American Statistical Association
732 North Washington St
Alexandria, VA   22314-1943
United States
Phone: (703) 684-1221

Staff Liaison
2019 - 2021

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