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Committee on Nominations


To nominate annually candidates for President and Vice President. In years when an International Representative is to be elected, initiate the specified procedures.


Six full members of the Association, each serving a two-year term. Each year, with the consent of the Board of Directors, one member shall be appointed by the President-Elect, one member by the Council of Chapters, and one member by the Council of Sections. No member may serve on the Committee for two full terms in succession or be a member of the Board of Directors (B-L IX .4.e). The President-Elect selects the Chair of the Committee each year.

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Martinez, Wendy
Chair (2024 - 2024)
Dawson, Jeffrey
Member (2023 - 2024)
Exum, Portia
Member (2023 - 2024)
Martinez, Wendy
Member (2024 - 2026)
Rodriguez, Abel
Member (2024 - 2026)
Roy, Jason
Member (2023 - 2024)
Scinto, Philip
Member (2024 - 2026)
Wasserstein, Ronald
Member Ex-Officio (2010 - 2028)
Henry, Elizabeth
Staff Liaison (2018 - 2028)