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Leadership Support Council


The Leadership Support Council (LSC) is responsible for advising the Board about the use of committees in strategic activities that span all ASA committees or that are not directly covered by one of the four committee councils. The LSC also provides a venue for council chairs and vice chairs to discuss issues that span the areas of two or more councils. The Leadership Support Council has two primary tasks: 1. To assist the President-elect with identifying candidates for committees and making appointments to committees, while recognizing that the President-elect has the final say in making appointments. This includes helping the President-elect to make appointments that bring experience and diversity to committees, and to complete the appointment process (especially for committee chairs) by August 1. The LSC adds continuity to this process by working with the ASA office to create and maintain guidelines and to identify special needs. Details of the appointment process are in section D.7 of this manual. 2. To advise the President-elect concerning the effective use of committees in presidential initiatives designed to meet the goals of the Strategic Plan. In addition to the two primary tasks described above, the LSC will be responsible for the following activities: - orientation of committee chairs (this will be organized largely by ASA staff with guidance from the appointed members of the LSC); - orientation for incoming Board members on the use of committees to accomplish strategic goals (this will be done through the Executive Director); - in consultation with the committee councils, advising the Board on continuation, dissolution, or consolidation of committees; - reviewing committee charges; - deciding which committees are exempt from the requirement that members of committees must also be members of the ASA. - working with ASA staff to periodically review the committee website to continually improve functionality for committees and membership; - advising the Board on committee policy questions; and - advising the Board on the creation of new committees and outreach groups; The Leadership Support Council was created in 2010 as a high-level advisory committee to replace the Committee on Committees and the Committee Appointments Advisory Committee, both of which were dissolved. The LSC preserves the advisory role of the latter, but not the administrative role of the former.


The Leadership Support Council has ten members, all of whom are considered full voting members. The President-Elect of the ASA serves as the Chair. The President Elect also appoints/reappoints (when necessary) five of the committee members for three year terms. Four of these appointed members also serve as the Vice Chairs of the Awards, Education, Membership and Professional Issues & Visibility Councils. The fifth appointed member is responsible for coordinating JSM sessions that are proposed and organized by committees and also serves on the JSM Program Committees as the representative of the ASA committees. The remaining four members of the Committee are the Past President, who also serves as Chair of the Awards Council, and the three Vice Presidents, who also serve as the Chairs of the Education, Membership and Professional Issues & Visibility Councils.

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Lee, Ji-Hyun
Chair (2024 - 2024)
Miller, Jack
JSM Program Committee Representative (2019 - 2025)
Horton, Nicholas
Membership Council Chair (2022 - 2024)
Paddock, Susan
Professional Issues & Visibility Council Chair (2024 - 2026)
Price, Dionne
Awards Council Chair (2024 - 2024)
Thompson, Katherine
Education Council Chair (2023 - 2025)
Bargagliotti, Anna
Education Council Vice Chair (2024 - 2026)
Dasgupta, Nairanjana
Awards Council Vice Chair (2024 - 2026)
Henry, Elizabeth
Staff Liaison (2018 - 2028)
Mannshardt, Elizabeth
Membership Council Vice Chair (2023 - 2025)
Shipp, Stephanie
Professional Issues & Visibility Council Vice Chair (2022 - 2024)
Wasserstein, Ronald
Staff Liaison (2010 - 2028)