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Committee on International Relations in Statistics


To identify goals, develop policies, and plan projects that foster activities involving international communications, exchange, and joint development with professional statisticians, societies, and other organizations in countries throughout the world; to keep ASA members and others informed of these activities and to foster their involvement in them.

Composition: The committee has nine appointed members, three of whom are appointed/reappointed each year by the President Elect for three year terms, plus the International Representative to the Board of Directors as an ex-officio member. One of the appointed members is appointed (when necessary) by the President Elect to serve as the Chair.

The Committee strongly endorses and encourages all statisticians to periodically review Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact Toshimitsu Hamasaki


The Committee on International Relations in Statistics has 11 member(s), and 3 liaison(s).

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Hamasaki, Toshimitsu
Chair (2020 - 2020)
Franco, Carolina
Vice-Chair (2020 - 2020)
Otto, Mark C.
Membership CC Vice Chair (2017 - 2022)
Asher, Jana L.
Member (2019 - 2021)
Franco, Carolina
Member (2020 - 2022)
Ghosh, Sujit Kumar
Member (2018 - 2020)
Hamasaki, Toshimitsu
Member (2018 - 2020)
Keshinro, Obafemi Adegoke
Member (2020 - 2022)
McMahan, Christopher Steven
Member (2019 - 2021)
Newlands, Nathaniel Kenneth
Member (2019 - 2020)
Quevedo, A. Valeria
Member (2020 - 2022)
Wang, William W.
Member (2018 - 2020)
Schmidt, Alexandra M.
International Rep to the Board (2020 - 2022)

Monti, Katherine L.

Membership Council Liaison (2019 - 2020)
ASA Vice Presdient

LaLonde, Donna

Staff Liaison (2015 - 2020)

Nichols, Rebecca

Staff Liaison (2011 - 2020)

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