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Committee on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


The committee will Strive to understand the landscape of data science and artificial intelligence (AI) within the ASA and serve as a proactive voice for members of the ASA working in these areas. Advise the ASA Board of Directors on strategic planning regarding the fields of data science and AI; and steps the ASA should take to provide opportunities for members to engage in data science and AI as well as how to attract non-members from these fields to the ASA. Propose initiatives and facilitate Board-approved initiatives related to data science and AI. Serve as a point of contact for other communities connecting to ASA about data science and AI.


The committee has nine members, three of whom are appointed/reappointed each year by the ASA President Elect for three-year terms. Three of its members should be active members of non-ASA data science or AI professional organizations, such as the ACM, AAAI, IEEE, and INFORMS. Sector representation (academe, industry, government) should also be considered in making appointments. Representation from leadership in major data science programming language communities, such as those organized around R or python, is also advised. One of the members is appointed (when necessary) by the President Elect to serve as the Chair.

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Glickman, Mark
Chair (2022 - 2025)
Antonides, Ashley
Member (2022 - 2025)
Cetinkaya-Rundel, Mine
Member (2022 - 2025)
Engelhardt, Barbara
Member (2022 - 2025)
Kyj, Lada
Member (2022 - 2025)
Laber, Eric
Member (2022 - 2025)
Lavista, Juan
Member (2022 - 2025)
Martinez, Wendy
Member (2022 - 2025)
Paddock, Susan
Member (2022 - 2025)
Yan, Jun
Member (2022 - 2025)