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Advisory Committee on Forensic Science

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To advise the ASA on forensic science reform issues and to ensure that statistics and statisticians maintain a visible profile in the forensic sciences and forensic science reform.


The committee has nine members, three of whom are appointed/reappointed each year by the ASA President Elect for three year terms. One of the members is appointed (when necessary) by the President Elect to serve as the Chair.

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Cuellar, Maria
Chair (2021 - 2023)
Shipp, Stephanie
Professional Issues & Visibility CC Vice Chair (2022 - 2024)
Cuellar, Maria
Member (2018 - 2023)
Hannig, Jan
Member (2022 - 2025)
Hofmann, Heike
Member (2022 - 2024)
Luby, Amanda
Member (2022 - 2024)
Mortera, Julia
Member (2022 - 2024)
Ommen, Danica
Member (2021 - 2023)
Smith, Michael
Member (2019 - 2025)
Tang, Larry
Member (2021 - 2023)
Vanderplas, Susan
Member (2023 - 2025)
Pierson, Steve
Staff Liaison (2015 - 2023)