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Management Review Committee of the Board of Directors


The Management Review Committee is responsible for the performance review and performance evaluation of the Executive Director.

Composition: The Management Review Committee, consists of the President, who acts as chair, the President-Elect, and the Past President.

Last review effective January 1999 in accordance with the 1999 ASA Constitution and By-laws

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact Wendy L. Martinez


The Management Review Committee of the Board of Directors has 3 member(s), and 1 liaison(s).

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Martinez, Wendy L.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
805 Shaw Court
Fredericksburg, VA   22405-2666
United States
Phone: (202) 691-7400
Chair (2020 - 2020)
Kafadar, Karen
University of Virginia
Department of Statistics
Halsey Hall, P.O. Box 400135
Charlottesville, VA   22904-4135
United States
Phone: (434) 924-3096
Fax: (434) 924-3076
Past President (2020 - 2020)
Santos, Robert L.
The Urban Institute
6545 Tasajillo Trl
Austin, TX   78739-1481
United States
Phone: (202) 261-5904
Member (2020 - 2020)

Wasserstein, Ronald L.
American Statistical Association
732 N Washington Street
Alexandria, VA   22314-1943
United States
Phone: (703) 684-1221 x1860

Staff Liaison
2007 - 2025
ASA Executive Director

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