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Executive Committee


The Executive Committee has the power to nominate the Executive Director and the Treasurer, and to refer these nominations to the Board of Directors for action, and to recommend to the Board of Directors policies and actions that promote the welfare of the statistical profession. It also has to evaluate an annual budget to submit it for approval or modification to the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee has to discharge such other responsibilities as the Board of Directors may assign to it. The Executive Committee is empowered to act for the Board of Directors when action is required, a mail ballot is not feasible, and in the judgment of the President such action is necessary. An affirmative vote of all but one of the Executive Committee members is required for this procedure. The Board of Directors has to send notification within seven days of such an action. This notification has to explain the urgency of the action. The powers of the Executive Committee are limited according to Chapter 156B, Section 55, of the Massachusetts Business Corporation Law.


The Executive Committee is composed of the President, the President-Elect, the Past President, senior Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer are ex officio members without vote.

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Price, Dionne
President (2023 - 2023)
Ghosh Dastidar, Madhumita
President-Elect (2023 - 2023)
Ensor, Katherine
Past President (2023 - 2023)
Kam, Maria Matilde
Vice President (2023 - 2023)
Lu, Ruixiao
Member Ex-Officio (2020 - 2023)
Wasserstein, Ronald
Member Ex-Officio (2008 - 2023)