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Ad Hoc Statistical Leadership Training Committee


  • Continue to identify and coordinate opportunities within ASA conferences and chapters to offer the course developed in this initiative
  • Identify and/or develop additional leadership courses for the ASA membership

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    The Ad Hoc Statistical Leadership Training Committee has 0 member(s), and 2 liaison(s).

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    Monti, Katherine L.
    2820 Stoney Creek Dr
    Elgin, IL   60124
    United States
    Phone: (617) 721-1405

    Membership Council Liaison
    2019 - 2019
    ASA Vice President

    Otto, Mark C.
    Fish and Wildlife Service
    2302 Lackawanna St.
    Adelphi, MD   20783-1325
    United States
    Phone: (301) 497-5872

    Membership Council Liaison
    2017 - 2019
    Membership Council Vice Chair

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