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ASA Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Assault


  • Assess the extent of sexual harassment/assault in the ASA community
    • Review surveys used by other professional organizations to assess the prevalence of sexual harassment/assault;
    • Develop a survey to administer to the ASA membership to assess the frequency, location and kinds of harassment/assault occurring;
    • ASA leadership to distribute the survey to ASA membership
    • Summarize the findings from the survey
  • Review the current best practices of professional organizations and academic institutions with respect to sexual harassment/assault.
  • Consider creation of a resource that allows victims of sexual harassment and assault to anonymously receive support.
  • Make recommendations to the ASA Board of Directors regarding sexual harassment/assault policy changes for the organization.

Approved by the ASA Board of Directors November 17, 2017

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LaLonde, Donna

Staff Liaison (2017 - 2030)

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