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A list, complete with pictures, of various P-12 Outreach activities in 2005.


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The following activities will be useful to any group interested in starting the P-12 Outreach component of the Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) program. Materials for these activities are freely available upon request. Please contact


Sample Activities:

Counting E's

Goal:  Students learn the difference between a census and a sample by counting es in a fun paragraph.  Advantages and disadvantages of both methods are discussed.

Supplies Needed: Paragraph

Pick 5 Lotto

Goal:  Students learn rules of probability via a simulation of a lottery game. 

Calculation demonstration:  Chances of picking 3, 4, or 5 numbers correctly when picking 5 unique numbers from 1-36.

Supplies Needed: Bingo set, small pieces of paper, pens, prizes, handout

Statistics with M and Ms

Goal:  Children learn concepts of using graphs to identify trends by creating a bar graph of the M & M colors in their bag.

Supplies Needed: Fun-sized bags of M & Ms, crayons, M &M bar graphs

Guess How Many Game

Goal:  Students learn concepts of maximum likelihood estimation by guessing the highest number in a bag of tokens and pooling information. 

Supplies Needed: Poker chips (tokens) with numbers, bag, handout

Age Histogram

Goal:  Children learn a way to view the ages of all people who visited the P-12 Outreach Booth at Spring Fest 2005.

Supplies Needed: Posterboard with histogram, markers, display stand