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Karl E. Peace Award for Outstanding Statistical Contribution

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To select annually the recipient of the Karl E. Peace Award for Outstanding Statistical Contributions for the Betterment of Society. In addition to the usual means by which the ASA seeks nominees, the committee will work to generate high-quality nominations. The committee will also carry over strong nominations from one year to the next to help maintain a strong pool of candidates for the award.

Composition: The committee consists of six members, two of whom will be appointed/reappointed each year for three year terms by the President Elect. One member will also be appointed (when necessary) by the President Elect to serve as Chair.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact Joseph E. Cavanaugh


The Karl E. Peace Award for Outstanding Statistical Contribution has 6 member(s), and 3 liaison(s).

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Cavanaugh, Joseph E.
University of Iowa
Department of Biostatistics, N332A
145 N. Riverside Dr.
Iowa City, IA   52242
United States
Phone: (319) 384-1602
Fax: (319) 384-1591
Chair (2019 - 2019)
Beckett, Laurel A.
2600 Kline Court
Davis, CA   95616-7668
United States
Phone: (530) 753-5997
Member (2014 - 2019)
Holan, Scott H.
University of Missouri
111 S Glenwood Ave
Columbia, MO   65203
United States
Phone: (573) 882-4491
Member (2019 - 2021)
Marchenko, Olga V.
100 Bayer Blvd
Whippany, NJ   07981
United States
Phone: (734) 717-3813
Member (2018 - 2020)
Panak, William
1517 Jonquill Dr.
Henrico, VA   23238
United States
Phone: (804) 726-0800
Member (2017 - 2019)
Russek-Cohen, Estelle
9920 Silver Brook Dr.
Rockville, MD   20850
United States
Phone: (240) 402-5514
Fax: (301) 827-5218
Member (2018 - 2020)

LaVange, Lisa M.
123 West Franklin St.
Suite 450
Chapel Hill, NC   27514
United States
Phone: (919) 962-2190

Awards Council Liaison
2019 - 2019
ASA Past President

Price, Karen L.
105 Paloma Point
Georgetown, TX   78628-6917
United States
Phone: (317) 651-2132

Awards Council Liaison
2018 - 2020
Awards Council Vice Chair

Henry, Elizabeth
American Statistical Association
732 North Washington St
Alexandria, VA   22314-1943
United States
Phone: (703) 684-1221

Staff Liaison
2018 - 2020

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