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Conference on Statistical Practice Steering Committee


The Conference on Statistical Practice Steering Committee (CSPSC) is responsible for the program and organization of the annual Conference on Statistical Practice (CSP). The purpose of the conference is to bring together statistical practitioners (including data analysts, researchers and scientists) who engage in the application of statistics to solve real-world problems to provide them opportunities to learn about the latest statistical methodologies and best practices in statistical design, analysis, programming and consulting, and aid them in improving their abilities in consulting with and helping customers and organizations. In conjunction with ASA staff, the CSPSC will make policy decisions for the conference, set and evaluate conference goals in accordance with needs of the target audiences, select sites and dates, recommend registration and other fees, pursue sponsorships, and actively promote the conference.

Composition: The CSPSC will consist of up to fifteen members. Six of these are appointed by the President-Elects. Each President-Elect will appoint/reappoint three of these six members for two year terms. One of these three appointments is a vice-chair, who serves a one year term and then becomes chair for one year. The CSPSC Chair, in consultation with the remaining committee members, has the authority to appoint additional members (up to the maximum of 15 members) for 1-2 year terms in order to provide the diversity of statistical practice needed to round out the planning of the conference.

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The Conference on Statistical Practice Steering Committee has 15 member(s), and 2 liaison(s).

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Vance, Eric
LISA-University of Colorado Boulder
Dept. of Applied Mathematics
Boulder, CO   80309-0526
United States
Chair (2018 - 2019)
Love, Kimberly R.
K. R. Love Quantitative Consulting & Collaboration
337 S. Milledge Avenue
Suite 208
Athens, GA   30605
United States
Phone: (706) 224-2024
Vice-Chair (2018 - 2019)
Dohrmann, Sylvia Miller
1600 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD   20850
United States
Phone: (301) 610-5119
Fax: (301) 294-2034
Member (2013 - 2021)
Martinez, Wendy L.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
805 Shaw Court
Fredericksburg, VA   22405-2666
United States
Phone: (202) 691-7400
Member (2017 - 2020)
Schweitzer, Laura G.
19418 Haven White Ct.
Gaithersburg, MD   20879-4982
United States
Phone: (202) 414-1586
Member (2016 - 2021)
Stephens, Eric B.
Nashville General Hospital
6115 Brentwood Chase Dr
Brentwood, TN   37027
United States
Phone: (615) 936-2696
Member (2016 - 2020)
Corliss, David J.
Fiat Chrysler
11580 Parkview
Plymouth, MI   48170
United States
Phone: (313) 322-0497
Chair Appointed Member (2014 - 2020)
Gao, Jinguo
Alphabet Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA   94043
United States
Phone: (650) 417-4919
Chair Appointed Member (2017 - 2019)
Holloman, Christopher H.
Information Control Company
OH   United States
Chair Appointed Member (2018 - 2020)
Kim, GraceHyun J.
University of California, Los Angeles
924 Westwood Blvd
Porter Ranch, CA   90024
United States
Phone: (310) 481-7594
Chair Appointed Member (2016 - 2020)
Kwasny, Mary J.
Northwestern University
1162 S Elmwood Ave.
Oak Park, IL   60304
United States
Phone: (312) 503-2294
Fax: (312) 908-9588
Chair Appointed Member (2017 - 2020)
Lavista, Juan Miguel
8221 NE 115th Way
Kirkland, WA   98034
Chair Appointed Member (2018 - 2020)
Patlan, Emiliana
520 Pershing Ave.
San Antonio, TX   78209
United States
Phone: (210) 737-4336
Chair Appointed Member (2018 - 2020)
Regier, Michael
Chair Appointed Member (2018 - 2020)
Turner, Ralph M.
25 Pin Oak Drive
Phoenixville, PA   19460
United States
Phone: (215) 740-7812
Chair Appointed Member (2017 - 2020)

Marker, David A.
1600 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD   20850-3195
United States
Phone: (301) 251-4398

Professional Issues & Visibility Council Liaison
2019 - 2021
Professional Issues & Visibility Council Vice Chair

Williamson, David
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Road, NE
Mail Stop F-57
Atlanta, GA   30333
United States
Phone: (770) 488-3669

Professional Issues & Visibility Council Liaison
2019 - 2019
ASA Vice President

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