Editorial Board 1995

E. Jacquelin Dietz

Managing Editor:
J.Tim Arnold

Editorial Assistant:
Sevanne E. Person

Editors, Teaching Bits: A Resource for Teachers of Statistics:
Joan Garfield
J. Laurie Snell

Editors, Data Sets and Stories:
J. Tim Arnold
Robin H. Lock

Editorial Board:
Donald Bentley
George Cobb
William T. Coombs
Janice Derr
Suzanne E. Graham
Robert W. Hayden
Peter Holmes
Gudmund Iversen
Thomas Johnson
Peter A. Lachenbruch
Lawrence Lesser
Margaret Mackisack
David S. Moore
Thomas L. Moore
Mary Parker
Allan J. Rossman
Richard L.Scheaffer
Henry B. Slotnick
Eric R. Sowey
W. Robert Stephenson
Jim Swift
David Sylwester
Michael J. Symons
Jeffrey Witmer

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