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Thursday, October 7
Thu, Oct 7, 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Speed Session

NAICS 2022: An Updated Process of Data Collection (309938)

*Sania Khan, Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Keywords: NAICS, Industry, Classification, Self Selection, Establishments

Every five years the North American Industry Classification System is updated to account for emerging and changing industries. For NAICS 2022, we are using an innovative, respondent-driven approach for updating the frame to the NAICS 2022 codes, similar to what we used in NAICS 2017. By asking the respondents to self-code into the new industries, the process allowed for more accurate updates. By collecting data through the web-based data collection system, respondents were not limited to NAICS suggestions. States were able to review the collected data and upload the responses to their State systems, thereby decreasing their workload. This paper will give an overview of the lessons learned from the last revision: asking the right questions, communication, and priorities. In addition, the paper will touch on the enhancements on updated data collection methods, savings, and resulting data quality improvements. Lastly, the paper will compare the NAICS changes resulting from the 2022 revision to prior revisions, and examine reasons for the changes including data collection improvements and the industries involved.