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Thursday, October 7
Thu, Oct 7, 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Building Your Influence

Finding Our Purpose (309912)

*Julia Jean Smith, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute 

Keywords: Alignment, community, purpose, career growth, career satisfaction

Statisticians are drawn into our careers to serve a purpose, whether that be a noble cause or simply to support our lavish, rock star lifestyles. The purposes we have are varied but point to why we wake up and put on our shoes every morning (or in the era of Covid-19, our nice shirts and yoga pants). We have an inner compass that propels us from one job or project to another, draws us to one volunteer opportunity but not another, or pulls us into one methodological area of expertise over that of our best buddy from graduate school. But what happens when you are drawn away from your purpose? Life serves us a menu of options, and at times, opportunities that feel like the perfect fit on paper evolve to be something we did not intend or expect. With a masters-level biostatistician who entered the field as a second career, we will explore non-traditional career paths and how to recognize when you are on the wrong one for you. We will identify the signs and signals that it is time for you switch gears to get back on your personal path.