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Thursday, October 7
Thu, Oct 7, 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Speed Session

COVID-19 Mortality Age and Gender Disparities in San Diego County (309884)

*Sarah Jing Dong, Westview High School 

Keywords: COVID-19, mortality risk, case fatality rate, mortality rates, age and gender, healthcare, survival chance

To examine COVID-19 mortality age and gender disparities, COVID-19 cases and deaths data from 3/20 to 5/21 in San Diego were utilized. Case fatality rates were calculated for males vs. females. Mortality rates stratified by age and gender across the age groups were also calculated. As of 5/31/21, 3,766 COVID-19 deaths were reported in San Diego. COVID-19 is substantially more dangerous not only for the elderly but also for middle-aged and upper middle-aged adults (42% aged 45-74 and 56% aged 75+). Males (59%) had more deaths due to COVID-19 than females (41%). The COVID-19 mortality risk was significantly higher for males than females with a case fatality rate of 1.65% in males vs. 1.07% in females, and a mortality rate of 137 in males vs. 94 in females. COVID-19 mortality rates in males were consistently higher than females across all age groups. The greatest gender difference was in the age group 30-49. The gender differences decreased thereafter with the smallest gender difference in the age group of 80+. This study in San Diego showed a similar pattern of COVID-19 mortality by age and gender with what the global data suggested. By identifying the most vulnerable populations in the community, healthcare personnel can ensure the better targeting of prevention and intervention efforts to improve chances of survival for these high-risk groups during the pandemic and beyond.