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Friday, October 4
Fri, Oct 4, 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Evergreen Ballroom Prefunction
Continental Breakfast and Speed Poster 2 (Sponsored by Procter and Gamble)

The Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Women’s Research Support Group (306765)

*Caitlin M Cunningham, Le Moyne College 
Lara DeRuisseau, Le Moyne College 
Brenda J Kirby, Le Moyne College 
Bridget Lynch, Le Moyne College 
Alison Marganski, Le Moyne College 
Theresa White, Le Moyne College 
Whitney Wood, Le Moyne College 
Mary Zampini, Le Moyne College 

Keywords: Research Support Group, Women, Interdisciplinary, Writing Group

This poster describes an interdisciplinary women’s research support group. We consist of women in all levels of the tenure process, and our specialties include statistics, physiology, linguistics, criminology, and psychology. We meet weekly, informally and over wine, to discuss our research goals, setbacks, and accomplishments, as well as our experiences on professional issues. We are not a writing group; rather, our goal is to encourage and support the research process. We take turns discussing our current research progress and problems, touching on all aspects of the scientific process – from the statistics and design of a study to dealing with a challenging reviewer or editor. Our varied backgrounds lead to insights that shed light on our research problems, and in some cases, our discussions have led to more formal collaborations across our disparate fields. The accountability of weekly meetings and the supportive nature of the group enables us to be more efficient and productive in our research programs. At the poster session, we look forward to discussing the specifics of our program and giving additional details to assist the implementation of your own support program.