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Saturday, October 5
Sat, Oct 5, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Evergreen EF
Equity, Success, and Leadership in Interdisciplinary Research

Equity, Success, and Leadership in Interdisciplinary Research (306594)

*Bonnie Ghosh Dastidar, RAND Corporation 
*Amy H. Herring, Duke University 
*Sally C Morton, Virginia Tech 
*Aleksandra Slavkovic, Eberly College of Science, Penn State 
*Teri Utlaut, Intel Corporation 

Women in statistics have an important role to play in interdisciplinary research. To achieve success in interdisciplinary research, we need to understand the scope and requirements of interdisciplinary research (the environment; context); how women can create a leading, critical role for themselves (intersection of women and interdisciplinary research); and necessary individual competencies and skills to be successful in inter-disciplinary research and teams. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women may be reluctant to take credit for what they do; in addition, there are implicit biases or stereotypes that hurt the position of women in such settings. By adopting best practices for success, women can be empowered to advance into critical leadership roles in inter-disciplinary research. In this panel, while sharing their own experiences, panelists will illustrate the opportunities, challenges and competencies associated with inter-disciplinary research involving statistics with each panelist working at the intersection of statistics and a different discipline.