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Saturday, October 5
Sat, Oct 5, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Evergreen G
Concurrent Session - Pathways to Career Success

Navigating Relationships in Multicenter Collaborations (306465)

*Jessica Flynn, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 

Keywords: Multicenter collaboration, clinical trials, large-scale data, building relationships

Multicenter research projects present a unique set of challenges, particularly regarding data management across centers. VOLPACT (Volumetric CT for Precision Analysis of Clinical Trials), the first project of its kind to use imaging data from multiple completed industry-sponsored Phase II/III clinical trials, is particularly challenging as there are many parties involved, including large academic research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and sponsors. With such an abundance of investigators, as a junior statistician it can be hard to establish yourself as an integral part of the team. As the leading data analyst of this study incorporating the data of over 10 clinical trials, I will share some tips on how to organize, quality check, and clean the data so that it is ready for large-scale analysis. Additionally, I will provide insight on how to build a relationship with principle investigators over time and assert your role in a research project of this nature.