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Friday, October 4
Fri, Oct 4, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Evergreen G
Working and Thriving with Disability in the Statistical Sciences

Working and Thriving with Disability in the Statistical Sciences (306413)

*Regina Nuzzo, American Statistical Association 
*Anna Plantinga, Williams College 
*Amy Willis, University of Washington 

Keywords: accessibility, disability, environment, access

Accessibility needs in the statistical and data sciences are rarely discussed, especially publicly, which can can be isolating for members of the community with accessibility needs. Furthermore, members of the profession with disabilities are often subject to an unobserved or underestimated additional cognitive load compared to non-disabled colleagues. This panel session will invite womxn who have accessibility needs in their work in statistics and data science to discuss their experience with disability, the intersection of disability with gender identity, and "disability taxes" they have encountered. They will be invited to describe their journey, how technology has enabled and frustrated them, and discuss whether their accessibility needs have lead to productive opportunities to normalize disability in their personal and professional lives. Panelists will include womxn with hearing loss, and mobility limitations. The panel will conclude with a discussion to engage the audience on respectful accommodation of colleagues' accessibility needs.